Tuesday, October 11, 2011


well today I went to school. I really do love school. I got my senior pics taken (will post after I get them).I got to see my friend and he gave me a sweater because he was cold. Something's been on my mind lately-I'v just been thinking--maybe I have a purpose in this world afterall. Maybe I was ment to help pepole. hmmm. sometimes I wonder why pepole get mad so easy and ignore you like your not there. you want all this attention but--its never good enogh. so far I have 1 follower :) hopefully my followers in the future will look bacjk on this posts.
                      doesn't this look like fun? I LOVE playgrounds. AND its my favorite color-(as you can tell by looking at my blog)green. today miss comisha is here. she's awesome. I told her a secret and she won't tell a soul. It's nice to have someone you can trust.

On another note, here's some recent and older photos of me:

back when I was 15,,my cousin Evan at 7.

glamore girl-age 13.

16 years old and gorgus!

just afew weeks ago with my doll-anabelle.
17 years old.-striking an ILOVELUCY style!
posing at 18 years old.

2nd grade cutie.

on our back porch.
14 years old (see the messy hair).
me, mom, grandma-1995.

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