Friday, October 28, 2011

happy halloween

Im starting to really like haloween. Im going to be a fairy princess with a hommade shirt and skirt,a tiara,a magic wand, fairy wings,and star earing to match the tiara. school today is really fun. We are having a party. Im going to sit outside the hanted house. Also we get lotsss of candy. I cant wait. I took a math test and missed 2 problems but miss malicote let me correct them. She wants to bring me a new doll but shes not sure if she can. A boy here is getting ready to spray my hair green.   He just sprayed the back. Its really green and pretty. I dont want the front done becaus it might get in my eyes. I really do hope more pepole read my blog. I want to get more traffic!!!! Last night we went to a predetors game. I got to be with krysti. It was loud tho. too loud for me.

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