Saturday, October 29, 2011

lerning to ride a bike

Romantic Characters Playful On a Bycicle Made for OneSo I never lerned to ride a bike. not exacly sure why. I want a green one with cool streemers and blazing fast weels.I really do hope I can buy one soon. I remember my best frend from childhood, autumn,having the coolest bike in  the whole apartment complex. It was pink. I also broke my leg on her scooter. I rode a scooter around the gym in school yesterday. ah, memories. I hope I can lern to do things without herting myself. Oh yeaaahh my argument with miss jerri last night. she got mad at me for not cleaning my room. then she started bagging up my stuff to make my bed but she didnt tell me why. I freaked out!!! I guess life is like riding a bike. You gotta find the right balence with pepole. hmph.Romantic Characters Playful On a Bycicle Made for One

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