Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So this is life, huh? Im sick and tired of being judged for being me. I had an OK fall break ecept i got judged for bringing home a baby doll. Anyway shes adorable. her name is Britani Skye because of miss Britani, an old intern that used to be at pc. Speaking of her, she showed up yesterday. It was a dream come true. shes pregnent and expecting her child in december. I squeezed her so hard I was worried I hurt the baby, but everything was OK. Im at school right now,Im doing really well in math. Im ahed of the rest of the class. Im having a little bit of flashbacks but it gets easier everyday. The other day in the mall I smelled something I didnt want to but I didnt let anyone see that it bothered me. We went to incredibel daves on friday. I got to see my aunt Melinda for the first time in a year. She gave me $20 and we won a green lava lamp. The day befor that I stayed with me 10 year old cousin, Evan.(2nd cousin). He has seizures but seems to be doing well. One of the girls here moved out into the other house so theres 3 of us now. Its alot easier when theres less pepole. Miss debra wants me to grow up too fast. Miss missy seems to care but doesnt really understand. I wish someone would get me!

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