Sunday, October 9, 2011


hello. well my name is arianne but pepole call me anna. im 18 years old. i live in nashville, tennessee. i go to cora howe special education school. i have bpd, add,and ptsd. i was abused as a very small child into my preteen years. i live in a group home in nashville. i used to live in a gropu home in clarksvill. i loved that alot. i love playgrounds, toys,coloring, and talking to pepole on the internet,i prefer to talk to pepole on the internet than in real life. i first started noticing i was diffrent from other pepole in about the 1st grade. my drawings and such were diffrent than the other kids. i always wondered what was wrong with me. my mother has AIDS and has lived from 19 years with it. my favorit coler in green and my favrite number is 100. My favrit teacher is miss kim. i used to go to mapelwood comprehensive high school. but now i go to cora howe. miss howse used to stay with me at mapelwood. my godmothers name is maria. she is awsome. she buys me snacks and such. i recently lost my old therapist, miss cindy. i miss her alot. i also have asthma and walking issues (i walk on my toes).i dont have a cell phone yet but i hope to get one soon. id like to take pictures and put them on here. ill be getting seniour pictures soon. i dont kno how many pepole will read my blog but i hope some pepole do. i like to listen to music but youtube is blocked. i like to draw and i LOVE DORA and toystory. i have a dora backpack, toothbrush, toothpaste, bed,lamp,coloring book,hair band,doll........and lots of other things too. my best friend is abby. im not really allowed to talk about any of the other girls here but there are 5 of us. maybe when i get there permision i can. my favrite staff here is miss comeisha. shes always honest with me and i like that. well this is my first post!

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