Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just saying...

who knows when my next IEP will be. let me tell you-I do NOT enjoy them. The weeks leading up to them are so stressful. All I can think is-what will they say or deside? I feel powerless sometimes. Last time miss julia came, so did my 1:1 at the time, miss howse. The directer and prinsipal were arguing the entire time over where to send me and Im like-pepole-Im 18-I want to go to Cora How! I ended up going there. This scool is awsome. The pepole here really do care about the students. I liked weems but weems was alot stricter. Here you can wear whatever clothes you want as long as its apropriate. You can also wear a haloween costume on Friday-I cant wait! (Im being a fairy princess). As much as I like this school, Im determiened to move back to clarksville. I miss it too much. For someone living with PTSD,the whole world often revolves around the trauma you went thru. Im fighting a lose-lose battle everday. Im Always worried about my next nightmear or flashback. At times I just feel sick-too sick to get out of bed or get dressed. I go weeks without washing my hair becaus Im just so worried about everything else. But thats no excuse. Lots of pepole claim to have PTSD but its actually pretty rare.The medicines I have to take just make everything harder-they make me shake and tighten my musles. I get so sick of feeling bad! Im looking forward to my cooking group tho--I cant wait! Im cooking Mexican food with miss jenna. Im typing away now-because Im waiting for lunch-boy am I hungry! The only bad thing about math is Im in 2 classes that do the exact same thing so Im left with nothing to do all period. Im just sitting here typing,,,not sure what else to do. 15 minutes left. I love miss mallicotte.shes the most beutiful teacher Ive ever seen. Later we will go to the playground. I cant wait to swing. I wonder whats for lunch today...now Im just rambling hehe. I really do hope more pepole read my posts. I want to get as many followers as possible. Im getting to the point where I can type fast without looking at the keypad. Thats bad! I spend waaaayyyy too much time on the computer!!!I should be focusing on other things. Anyway, post later!

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